Fail of the Last Weekend

on 20 July 2014 in Tinker

Two weeks ago, during the MakerFaire Hannover 2014, I bought the Useless Machnine from Solarbotics, which was sold by Watterott. Last weekend I began to assemble the machine. I read the construction manual, and started to build. But, alas, I used some old screwdrivers, so that I had to use strong force – too strong:


Broken Part of the Useless Machine

Broken Part of the Useless Machine

So I ordered a second one at Watterott, which arrived last Monday. Yesterday I bought some new screwdrivers at a hardware store, and continued to work.

Meanwhile: I should have read the complete manual; Solarbotics offers to send replacement part for broken ones.If they send parts to Germany, I will have two Useless Machines; you can never have enough of them.

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