Steampunk Inventor’s Meeting 2015

on 8 November 2015 in Steampunk

The weekend from Nov 6 to Nov 8 the fifth Inventor’s Meeting took place in Ulmen (Germany). Of course Daniel MakerBear came along with me and asked me to write a guest post in this blog.

Hi everyone – this is Daniel MakerBear again. This weekend the fifth Inventor’s Meeting took place in the rooms of the Bürgerstube Ulmen. We arrived Friday in the afternoon and had a nice evening (with “Landbier” and “Eifelgold”). Saturday was the the day for the workshops. Horatio Steam begun with a workshop about electrical security. Very interesting. Here is a photo after crimping some wires:


Next Remington Steel presented his lathe.



It’ very important to wear safety glasses when you work with the machine or when you just watch someone working with it. The eyes are too valuable!


The next agenda item was an Arduino workshop from my best friend Daniel LeMath. It seems that he had teached sucessfully the beginnings of the programming. Here is a picture which took Teleman von Phone during the workshop:


During the workshop I looked around and found again a Tesla coil. Boy! These things spawn like rabbits. I’m still a little bit afraid of the high voltage.


In the evening Admiral Aaron Ravesdale switched it on. This was really, really loud. My poor ears!


And then I found the mobile phone built by Ottokar Funkenspotz. Yes – it really works.

And there was not only elecrtronics. Teleman von Phone held a workshop about binding ties. Unfortunately my arms are a little too short, but Daniel LeMath helped me; in this case it’s an Atlantic Knot:

Finally Titus Timeless presented some etching. The liquids are a little bit dangerous, so I didn’t try it myself.
In the evening – while the others talked and drank Landbier and Eifelgold – I looked around an found the PC of Titus Timeless:

And a real Starwars Pod Racer:

There are many, many other things to see in this hotel. Just visit it and marvel.

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