Yesterday Pete Seeger passed away in the age of 94. Rest in peace, Pete!

My USB stick Instructable is “featured”. It is shown on the Technology main page. I didn’t expect, that it is so popular.

Today I created my first It was more work than expected, especially the preparation of the photos. Then I reloaded the page every 15 minutes to see the growing number of views.

Here is a little enhancement for the Cheerlights sketch. I’ve attached a servo, which shall ring a little bell. Alas, the servo is to slow to have a hearable effect on the bell – the sound of the servo is louder than the ringing of the bell.

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I gambled around with the Raspberry Pi: installed the LAMP stack and gnuplot. For a first test I created a shell script which logs the temperature of the core, logs it into a file, and creates a graph:
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For the Christmas tree I wanted to have a light controlled by the community via Cheerlights. Unfortunatly the RedFly shield had lots of problems, so I activated my Raspberry Pi, which lay around for have a year. The Raspi installation had no problems; Raspbian, Ethernet with DHCP, Wifi with fixed IP.
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The Baboon, the Shoe and the Platypus


Last Thursday Richard Nagy, known as Datamancer in the Steampunk scene, has passed away in an accident.

He was always an inspiration for the steampunks. We will miss him and his work.

Finally I found the time to work again on the third USB stick in steampunk design. After my friend Remington Brass created brass rings, I attached them to the stick to hide the ugly edges of the leather inlay:




A friend (Remington Brass) has turned two brass rings, which I need for the third USB stick in steampunk design. I hope I will finish it this weekend or the next.