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Finally I found the time to work again on the third USB stick in steampunk design. After my friend Remington Brass created brass rings, I attached them to the stick to hide the ugly edges of the leather inlay:




A friend (Remington Brass) has turned two brass rings, which I need for the third USB stick in steampunk design. I hope I will finish it this weekend or the next.




Here is my second USB stick:


A close-up of the cooling system:


The back side:


Close-up of the little foot:


And finally the stick at work:


The glass lens is a light blue one, but the red LED of the stick is strong enough to outshine this.


(Repost fom my old blog, 2012-11-06)

One year ago I started to dive into Steampunk. My first Steampunk gadget was a USB stick. A part of a copper tube (18 mm diameter) and two end caps gives the following.

usb_stick_1_02 usb_stick_1_01

Looks a little boring, so I prepared some decoration:


And here is the result:

usb_stick_1_05 usb_stick_1_04


Additionally some details:

usb_stick_1_10 usb_stick_1_09 usb_stick_1_08 usb_stick_1_07


(Repost from my old blog, 2012-10-03)