October 5

Daniel MakerBear at MakerFaire Berlin 2016

Hi everybody – Daniel MakerBear is writing again. This time from the MakerFaire Berlin 2016 (and with an own account on the blog of my human Daniel LeMath).

The MakerFaire Berlin took place September 30 to October 2, 2016 – this time in the “Station”. The “Old Post Station” from last year seems to be too small for the many makers this year. Again this is a very appropriate location. As usual I went along with my human Daniel LeMath and the Arduino Group Hannover.

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August 27

Sensor Network: The Client Code

After testing the single modules for a sensor I finished the combination. Now the ESP8266 reads the temperature and humidity and sends them to the MQTT broker together with the actual voltage and the number of attempts to make a connection to the broker. The later is useful, because the ESP cannot reliably connect to the broker. I don’t know the reason, some investigation is necessary.

A photo and the circuit are in the earlier post.

As usual the code is on github.

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December 13

Cheerlights red

Now I have a small house connected to the world. Normally its a house to be illuminated by a tee light. Now it is equipped with an 8mm WS2812 LED. The LED is controlled by an Arduino (sketch), which is connected with a USB cable to a Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry runs a little Python program, which gets in regular intervals the actual colour from cheerlights. The world can change the colour via a tweet, e.g. “#cheerlights green”.