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Last weekend the first MakerFaire took place in Berlin. The Arduino group Hannover participated to present their projects. For the first time Daniel the MakerBear accompanied us. Here is the story of his adventures as a guest post.


I’ve written a short article (in German) for the blog of the Arduino Group Hannover.

Addendum to the last post: Philip Steffan from c’t-Hacks (the organizers of the MakerFaire Hannover) took some photos of Admiral Ravensdale and me.


This was a exhausting, but very inspiring and funny weekend at the MakerFaire Hannover 2014. We had a lot of good discussions at our booth and with other makers.

Some random impressions after the break


The British artist Paka brought is fire-breathing dragon Elsie and his iron horse to the MakeFaire Hannover:



The LED cube from freetronics and the LoL shield side by side.



See my old posts:






The Arduino Group Hannover is again on the MakerFaire Hannover. This time the faire is two days long (and it is not sooooo hot as last year).

Here is our booth:

Booth of Arduino Group Hannover on the MakerFaire Hannover 2014

Booth of Arduino Group Hannover on the MakerFaire Hannover 2014

I took the photo just after the opening. During the day one couldn’t see the booth, especially the part with the gameduinos.