December 13

Cheerlights red

Now I have a small house connected to the world. Normally its a house to be illuminated by a tee light. Now it is equipped with an 8mm WS2812 LED. The LED is controlled by an Arduino (sketch), which is connected with a USB cable to a Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry runs a little Python program, which gets in regular intervals the actual colour from cheerlights. The world can change the colour via a tweet, e.g. “#cheerlights green”.


August 4

New Toys: Robot and Yún

Today I got two new toys from my wife:

The Arduino Robot:

Arduino Robot
Arduino Robot

Arduino Yún:

Arduino Yún
Arduino Yún

The setup of the Robot was quite easy, especially with the introduction videos of Xun and David on youtube.

For the Yún it seems, that I have still a lot to read.

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July 11

Adafruit NeoPixel Ring, some documentation

Last weekend the MakerFaire Hannover 2014 took place, and the Arduino Group Hannover attended the Faire. Again Watterott was one of the exhibitors – it was clear, that this will be an expensive weekend ;-).

One of the things I bought was the NeoPixel Ring from Adafruit – a very nice toy!

In this article I will extract some of the documentation in the original neopixel library, so that I (and perhaps you) have it in one place without the disturbance of the actual code.

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