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The LED cube from freetronics and the LoL shield side by side.



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Finally my birthday present arrived: the Cube4, a 4x4x4 RGB LED cube by freetronics.The assembly was rather simple due to the good instructions an the freetronics site and the detailed video. Because I’ve been a little impatient, the cube is not 100% rectangular. The first own skteches were no problem. It’s a lot of fun to view the colourful cube.
Unfortunatly I cannot upload sketches since yesterday evening. I’m in contact with John from freetronics. So a word concerning the support of freetronics: wonderful! Quick and competent.

The patterns are:

  • drops: falling drops in different colours;
  • lines: rotating diagonals;
  • loop: a sort of a fountain;
  • defColours: show all pre-defined colours;
  • fill: all LEDs white, then change to random colours;
  • plane: shift planes from bottom to top;
  • single: random LEDs with random colours;
  • RGBCube: show RGB values from #000000, which has coordinates (0, 0, 0) to #FFFFFF, which has coordinates (3, 3, 3). Red on x axis, green on y, blue on z;
  • defColoursBlink: blink whole cube with pre-defined colours.

If this intro has finished, the patterns repeat in random order.

If someone has an idea how to make a better video, please let me know.