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During the MakerFaire Hannover 2017 a young Steampunk visited the booth of the Arduino Group Hannover together with his father. He was very interested in the USB sticks. After only two days I got an email. He sent me a link to a video, in which he showed the building of a stick:

Fantastic work, Marc!

The weekend from Nov 6 to Nov 8 the fifth Inventor’s Meeting took place in Ulmen (Germany). Of course Daniel MakerBear came along with me and asked me to write a guest post in this blog.


Addendum to the last post: Philip Steffan from c’t-Hacks (the organizers of the MakerFaire Hannover) took some photos of Admiral Ravensdale and me.


The British artist Paka brought is fire-breathing dragon Elsie and his iron horse to the MakeFaire Hannover:



For a new steampunk project I need a cover with inscription for a box. The box shall contain a RaspberryPi, an Arduino and two servos (for the beginning – perhaps I will add a NAS and some other stuff). At Die Werke everyone has the possibility to use a laser cutter (after a short introduction course).

For this first version I used material from Kraftplex. Here is the result:


Cover of earthquake-o-meter

Cover of earthquake-o-meter

Someone has stolen my instructable! Stolen Instructable. Any possibility to hit this person?

Edit: meanwhile (2014-02-19) the stolen instructable seems to be deleted. Thanks to all who supported me!

You will find the original Instructable here: Original Instructable.

Yesterday I mastered a steampunk workshop, where we created some USB sticks in the established design Laboratoire LeMath. Five participants (and me, too) had a lot of fun while sawing, filing, gluing, drilling, polishing, and talking.

Some pictures below the break.


My USB stick Instructable is “featured”. It is shown on the Technology main page. I didn’t expect, that it is so popular.

Today I created my first It was more work than expected, especially the preparation of the photos. Then I reloaded the page every 15 minutes to see the growing number of views.


The Baboon, the Shoe and the Platypus