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The weekend from Nov 6 to Nov 8 the fifth Inventor’s Meeting took place in Ulmen (Germany). Of course Daniel MakerBear came along with me and asked me to write a guest post in this blog.


Addendum to the last post: Philip Steffan from c’t-Hacks (the organizers of the MakerFaire Hannover) took some photos of Admiral Ravensdale and me.


On this long weekend I continued to work on the Earthquake-O-Meter. I found an old wine box, for which I cutted the cover (see “The First Cut is the Deepest“). The wood of the box was too thick, so that I had to saw two holes for the servos.

Pictures after the break…


For a new steampunk project I need a cover with inscription for a box. The box shall contain a RaspberryPi, an Arduino and two servos (for the beginning – perhaps I will add a NAS and some other stuff). At Die Werke everyone has the possibility to use a laser cutter (after a short introduction course).

For this first version I used material from Kraftplex. Here is the result:


Cover of earthquake-o-meter

Cover of earthquake-o-meter

Someone has stolen my instructable! Stolen Instructable. Any possibility to hit this person?

Edit: meanwhile (2014-02-19) the stolen instructable seems to be deleted. Thanks to all who supported me!

You will find the original Instructable here: Original Instructable.

Yesterday I mastered a steampunk workshop, where we created some USB sticks in the established design Laboratoire LeMath. Five participants (and me, too) had a lot of fun while sawing, filing, gluing, drilling, polishing, and talking.

Some pictures below the break.


My USB stick Instructable is “featured”. It is shown on the Technology main page. I didn’t expect, that it is so popular.

Today I created my first It was more work than expected, especially the preparation of the photos. Then I reloaded the page every 15 minutes to see the growing number of views.


The Baboon, the Shoe and the Platypus


Last Thursday Richard Nagy, known as Datamancer in the Steampunk scene, has passed away in an accident.

He was always an inspiration for the steampunks. We will miss him and his work.