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Now I have a small house connected to the world. Normally its a house to be illuminated by a tee light. Now it is equipped with an 8mm WS2812 LED. The LED is controlled by an Arduino (sketch), which is connected with a USB cable to a Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry runs a little Python program, which gets in regular intervals the actual colour from cheerlights. The world can change the colour via a tweet, e.g. “#cheerlights green”.


Here is a little enhancement for the Cheerlights sketch. I’ve attached a servo, which shall ring a little bell. Alas, the servo is to slow to have a hearable effect on the bell – the sound of the servo is louder than the ringing of the bell.


For the Christmas tree I wanted to have a light controlled by the community via Cheerlights. Unfortunatly the RedFly shield had lots of problems, so I activated my Raspberry Pi, which lay around for have a year. The Raspi installation had no problems; Raspbian, Ethernet with DHCP, Wifi with fixed IP.