October 25

The Logo of the Arduino Group Hannover

As an eye-catcher for future MakerFaires and other events I tried to create the logo of the Arduino Group Hannover in 3D. I have no 3D printer at home, and the printers I know are much too small.

So I used white cardboard, cut it (old fashioned) with scissors, and glued it. For the LEDs I used five WS2812 LEDs with 8mm diameter.

During the construction Daniel Makerbear (@DanielMakerBaer) dropped in to examine the progress.

under construction
under construction


Glueing was not as easy as I thought – didn’t do this since tens of years.

But finally it comes to life:



And here it is:

The Logo
The Logo

The source code for the sketch is on github.

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