Redfly WiFi Shield

on 31 August 2013 in Arduino

Today (OK – last year – this a copy from my old blog) arrived the RedFly shield from Watterott. Here are some images of the soldering:




The main difficulties of the start were:

  • Finding the MAC address. OK – the sketch WLANScan.ino gave the information.
  • Finding the admin password of the router.
  • Typing the correct password.
  • Allowing the MAC address to join the net (lost the documentation).

But finally the WebServer.ino sketch worked:



(Repost from my old blog, 2012-04-27)


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  1. vu2aeo says:

    Beautiful steampunk work! Show me more!!

    • Give me some time. There are two other USB sticks in the working queue, Unfortunately I have to earn money 😉 And there are some other projects, but they need more work.

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