January 12

My First Instructable

Today I created my first http://www.instructables.com/id/YASUS-Yet-Another-Steampunk-USB-Stick/. It was more work than expected, especially the preparation of the photos. Then I reloaded the page every 15 minutes to see the growing number of views.

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  1. By biahelvetti on

    Wow! Always looking for new projects to do with my son (Who believes he IS Professor Elemental!) This might have to be the next…thankyou so much for sharing, many blessings, Bia 🙂

  2. By Matthew deMaris esq on

    Reblogged this on Steampunk Journal and commented:
    If you’re on the lookout for a little side project when you have some spare time, you could always look at modifying a small item such as the humble USB stick. Everyone uses them and having a copper pipe sticking out of a computer looks great.
    The article I’ve linked to here shows exactly what to do with high quality photography and a list of materials and necessary tools.
    I like that this stick being demonstrated has pipes that stick out. It goes with practicality over the refined look of others and it makes for a refreshing change. The pipes are there to prevent it from rolling away, which is a really good idea.

    1. By Daniel LeMath on

      Mon cher collègue, there is no problem to use the photograph in your blog; it would be an honour. Best regards Andreas/Daniel


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